An innovative approach

The heart of Pralong-Guitars is its neck through-body design. It ensures the instrument’s rigidity and increased tuning accuracy. Unlike most other guitars, there is no interruption between the neck, the strings and the pickups, resulting in a sustain that is rarely equaled. Finally, the body of the guitar being totally independent, it can be easily interchanged for new vibrations or a different look!

The guitarist’s Swiss Army knife

PRALONG-GUITARS has been designed for a multiple use: blues, soul, funk, jazz, country, rock, progressive rock, hard-rock, metal...
Several combinations are available from its very soft neck pickup to the more aggressive bridge pickup.

Native woods

In order to encourage a short production cycle and the preservation of protected exotic trees, Pralong-guitars are built exclusively from native woods with optimal properties of weight, resonance and aesthetics.

A pure design

The instruments have been designed by a guitarist for guitarists: easy access to the whole length of the neck, ergonomics and simplicity of the controls, comfort and balance are the key words. The timeless design recalls their alpine origin with the stars of the Valais and the Matterhorn as fingerboard markers.

A wide variety of finishes

PRALONG-GUITARS have been developed on a 3D drawing software and machined on a 5 axis CNC machine allowing an extreme precision. The neck is stained and varnished with a silky touch. The NATURAL body is unique. The wood is meticulously selected for its grain and undergoes a manual treatment process that enhances its beauty. The VINTAGE finish body receives an aged lacquering and a hand patina to give a rendering that will embellish with time.
Passionné de guitares et de travail du bois, IRÉNÉE PRALONG, menuisier-charpentier, dirige l’entreprise centenaire fondée par son grand-père ANTOINE PRALONG. Il est également compositeur et guitariste du groupe THE BLUES MYSTERY; de plus, il partage cet art de la musique avec sa famille. Cette alliance de deux univers a tout naturellement mené à la conception et la réalisation de guitares fabriquées dans les ateliers de l’entreprise familiale située dans les Alpes suisses où l’authenticité, la rigueur et la précision sont les moteurs du succès de PRALONG-GUITARS.